Shape: My Own

Skin: The Shops! Kenzo (07)

Body: TMP Deluxe Body

Eyes: IKON Vanity Eyes – Field

Facial Hair: -NIVARO- Beards – 17. Elitist

Facial Hair: Unorthodox Blitz

Beard: A&A Mephisto Chin Beard

Body Marks: Ama. Hickies TMP


Skirt: >glYph< Acolyte Skirt

Hood: >glYph< Acolyte Hood

Sleeves: [BODY FACTORY] Legacy Bracelet


Harness: Kaithleen’s Leather Harness

Belt: [CX] Savage Bat with belt

Piercing abdominal: [CX] Skin Deep Remake Black

Collar: Stockholm&Lima Rope Collar

Piercing facial: PUNCH Sucked Male

Crow: DEAD CENTER Wearable Crow


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